Award Recipients

2017 Jedediah Whetstone

The award of $3,000 in 2017 went to Jedediah Whetstone, an outstanding scholar and athlete. Scholastically, Jedediah ranked third in a class of 314 and achieved membership in the California Scholastic Federation for four years. In athletics, he played football, basketball and tennis, earning varsity letters in each sport and was awarded the All-American designation for football in his senior year, as well as being recognized as team captain. Jedediah’s numerous extracurricular activities included participation in the Camp Royal leadership camp. He plans to become an engineer.

2016 Colleen Busby

Colleen Busby received the $3,000 scholarship award for 2016. Coleen had an outstanding academic record, appearing on the President’s Honor Roll for four years. She participated in numerous extracurricular activities including being recognized as Most Valuable Attorney for Mock Trial for two years. Her athletic achievements resulted in three awards in tennis, as well as being named captain of the varsity team for two years. Colleen plans to study political science on her path to a career in the law.

Colleen Busby
Colleen Busby
Colleen accept award from Hal
Colleen receiving award from Harold Dilbeck
Joe, Bob, Colleen, Hal
From Left: Joe Hannah, Bob Line, Colleen, Harold Dilbeck
From Left: Harold Dilbeck, Colleen, Colleen's Mom
From Left: Harold Dilbeck, Colleen, Colleen’s Mother


2015 Danielle Warmerdam

Danielle Warmerdam received the $2,500 award for 2015 at the Rotary Theatre on May 6th. Danielle showed leadership strengths as a scholar-athlete and participant in several other school and community activities. In athletics, she achieved outstanding success in soccer, volleyball and track. She plans to attend Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. We hope Danielle will keep us posted on her future accomplishments.

danielle, roberta, alberta and team
left to right, Roberta Rossi Pyne, Jerry Swan, Wallace McFall, Danielle, Alberta Rossi, Bob Line, Joe Hannah, Harold Dilbeck
Danielle with brother, left, ….., center, and parents, right
Roberta Rossi Pyne, Cal’s daughter, who made the 2015 award presentation
Chelsea Pyne, Cal’s granddaughter

2014 Brooke Mendonca

The first award of $2,000 was made on May 7, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. in the Rotary Theatre, 330 S. Dollner Street in Visalia. The recipient was Brooke Mendonca. Brooke demonstrated leadership in interscholastic athletics, an outstanding academic record and frequent participation in community activities, as well as a university goal and thoughts on how to achieve it. We look forward to the unfolding of Brooke’s career with great interest.

Brooke et al
Brooke with selection committee and Pioneer teammates, Bob Line, Joe Hannah, Harold Dilbeck, Wallace MdFall
Brooke 5
Brooke with parents
Brooke 4
Brooke 1
Brooke receiving the award from Harold Dilbeck
Joe Hannah, Wallace McFall, Bob Line


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